Who Is On Question Time Tonight?

Tonight Question Time comes to our screens from Tottenham, unusually there are two Tory MPs on the panel: Leave-voting Kwasi Kwarteng from Team Boris, and Remain-voting Margot James from Team Hunt. Kicking off the Tory leadership air war…

With Brexit Party supporter Tim Martin there too, that makes for two whole Leavers on the panel this week, although as far as Guido is aware, Laura Pidcock has never publicly declared her support either way for Leave or Remain. Surely the BBC haven’t made the grievous error of accidentally having a Leave-majority panel in a Leave-majority country?

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Quote of the Day

Conrad Black on Max Hastings and Boris…

“As the former employer of both of them, and although their positions were of unequal importance and challenges, on balance I must declare Boris to be more reliable and trustworthy than Max.”


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