Abdullah is Primary School Teacher, Doesn’t Think Girls Should Be Alone With a Man

Guido revealed last night, the BBC’s ‘star guest’ Abdullah Patel from Bristol happens to be a big fan of Zionist conspiracy theories. It turns out that he’s also fond of giving advice to women:

Which is awkward because Abdullah is also a Deputy Head at Al-Ashraf Schools in Gloucester, which includes a primary school and an all-girls secondary school. Abdullah won’t be teaching many classes if he’s following his own advice…

Al-Ashraf Primary and Secondary schools were heavily criticised and labelled “inadequate” and “require improvement” by Ofsted inspectors last year. Hardly surprising given the unsavoury views of their Deputy Head…

The Ofsted report noted that “The leadership of safeguarding is inadequate. Systems to investigate, record and monitor concerns lack rigour.” Same could be said for BBC’s editorial team after last night…

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Cameron on that shameful Guardian leader…

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