PM Calls For BBC to Explain Jo Brand’s Acid Attack Broadcast

The Prime Minister has called on the BBC to explain why it considered Jo Brand’s comments on throwing acid over politicians “appropriate content for broadcast.” The show was pre-recorded, editors took the decision to broadcast the segment. A Number 10 spokesman followed up today after the story was broken by Guido yesterday:

“The prime minister has been repeatedly clear that politicians should be able to go about their work and campaign without harassment, intimidation or abuse… It is for the BBC to explain why it considers this to have been appropriate content for broadcast.”

Brand was silent today as she was asked by journalists if she stands by her comments. It’s fair to say that if they had been made by a figure on the right there would have been immediate action. Taxpayers are paying £177 million a year for the BBC’s “entertainment and comedy” output. There’s clearly a double standard when it comes to well-paid leftie comedians…

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Cameron on that shameful Guardian leader…

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