Hancock’s Launch

Health Secretary Matt Hancock’s launch was first off the block, it didn’t go entirely smoothly. Standing next to a curious distracting dangling bag to the left of him which threatened to steal the show, Hancock’s decision to stand in front of a big bright window made him appear like a silhouette on some TV screens. Unenlightened?

At times it seemed that Hancock forgot to whom he was speaking to in the room – there were applause lines designed to trigger clapping by activists that the assembled journalists just sat through impassively. On television the shadowy speaker delivering lines that fell flat didn’t look like the future. On the plus side he had sophisticated goody bags featuring energy water, phone chargers, and his favourite stroopwaffles. It’s Gove’s turn to launch this afternoon. Will the assembled hacks be treated to a goody bag full of his guilty pleasures..?

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