Gyimah Withdraws

Pro-second referendum candidate Sam Gyimah has pulled out of the race after being unable to secure the required proposer, seconder, and six signatories required.

He has released this statement:

“I entered the Conservative Party leadership contest to broaden the debate and bring the diverse views of millions on Brexit to the fore.

It has been a tremendous privilege to be able to make the case for a new referendum as a credible solution to break the Brexit deadlock.

I am hugely appreciative of the support I have received, both in public and in private.

But I have reached the conclusion that, having entered the race at such a late stage, there simply has not been enough time to build sufficient support, and I have decided to step back.

My purpose in campaigning for a solution to the break deadlock, and bringing new ideas to help my party win over modern Britain, will not change.

I wish all the contenders the very best at this challenging time as they make the case to take our country forward.”

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