Jolyon on Crowdfunded Snake Oil Peddling

Guido’s favourite Twitter lawyer, Jolyon Maugham, has absolutely lost it over the failed anti-Boris case, saying that “about half a million quid that could have gone to good causes” has been “wasted on a vanity project.” Well he would know…

“Cases, like this, that peddle snake oil to the desperate undermine public confidence in crowdfunding and harm the public interest”, he opines solemnly. Really, you don’t say?

Last year Guido calculated that Jolyon’s “failed vanity cases” cost the mugs his help the bar’s very own Quixote tilt at windmills over a third of a million quid. Some of the many cases

A few weeks ago he lost an appeal that the judge deemed to be so without merit that he didn’t even bother to make a written judgement. The irony of Jolyon’s lack of self-awareness is galatic…

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