More TIG Trouble for ChUK

On Tuesday after the ChUK / TIG split, the Change UK bit of the split – the bit without Chuka – sent an email saying they were “in this long for the haul”. It came from, which confusingly is the name of the other bit of the split. Co-conspirators will have read previously that ‘The Independent Group Limited’ is legally controlled by Gavin Shuker, who has left ChUK. Confused? You are not alone.

The Independent Group Limited owns the data, Gavin Shuker legally owns the company. Those who have stayed in ChUK, like Chris Leslie’s wife, Nicola Murphy and Anna Soubry’s other half, Neil Davidson, are the directors of the company. Since the split worried staffers aren’t sure who they work for, legally or actually. The centrists are in complete confusion… we have asked Shuker’s office for clarification, they are getting back to us when they figure it out…

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