Corbyn Speaks Alongside Kill British Troops Advocate at Trump Protest

Anas Altikriti spoke alongside Jeremy Corbyn at the protest in Westminster against Trump’s State Visit was, had previously supported Iraqis using “any means and methods” to expel the UK-US “occupation”. He told Islam Online that “struggle of the Iraqi people, militarily and politically must continue until the occupier leaves and a true patriotic and democratic government is elected.” He later said that “Legitimate resistance against occupation is patriotic.” Emily Thornberry also stood on the same platform the man who called for “any means and methods” to be used against British soldiers…

After speaking at the same event Altikriti, Corbyn is off to campaign this evening for Labour’s Peterborough candidate, who said she “enjoyed reading” comments under a post that claimed ISIS was created by Mossad, and was active in an anti-Israel hate group. Unsurprisingly Jewish groups are not happy. In an unprecedented joint statement they called on the Labour Party to disown Lisa Forbes:

Corbyn prefers to hang around with anti-Semites than go to dinner with the leader of the free world…

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