Who’s Backing Who: Boris Now Leads MPs’ Declarations

With 50% of Tory MPs now publicly declared Boris has taken the lead. Of the 4 pack leaders Raab and Gove have previously led, Boris is now ahead for the first time in the public declarations.

James Brokenshire has announced he is not running, telling an audience at Policy Exchange

“We simply do not have the luxury of weeks of navel gazing or days and days of whittling candidates down to the final two and talking to ourselves. At a time when the country is looking to us for leadership we need to show this as a Party. So I say gently to some of my colleagues who have put themselves forward for what has been described as the Grand National of Political Contests. Please think carefully.

If you already know it’s going to be a bit of a struggle to get over the first fence let alone Becher’s Brook ahead, then maybe you should pull up. There is no embarrassment in that. It doesn’t reflect on your talent or ability to influence the direction of our Party now and in the future. It’s just the overriding need to get our new leader in place as quickly as possible.”

Pressure is growing on the also rans in the field of thirteen to drop out in favour of one or other of the pack leaders, before the official contest starts…

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