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When we launched Gaia Fawkes it was with the intention not of opposing sensible policies for improving the environment, we don’t dispute the possibility that the man-made global warming theory could be correct, we do question the economically crazy remedies and the mad cap plans of the zealots. We also have a laugh at the hypocrisy of those who talk the talk, yet don’t walk the walk. Greens who advocate flying bans for others, the Davos-attending philanthropists who want to save the planet from their private jets. We want to see a cleaner, greener planet.

Some things just don’t make sense in economic terms, in terms of the standard of living for billions of people in the developing world or the billions of voters in the advanced industrial economies. There are other solutions rather than just taxing and banning everything…

Australia is the key battle ground for environmentalism in the West. It is resource rich, mining plays an important part in the economy of what is an advanced industrial nation. It also has a political demos which has shifted towards environmentalism. What the result of this election tells us is that voters in the West will not buy into policies which will damage their economic interests – if the choice is put clearly. Voters want their beaches to be clean, that is not a conservative, liberal or socialist dividing line.

If we are not to wreck future living standards, politicians need to articulate a green message of policies for a future that will clean up the planet using clean technology without wrecking living standards. Higher green taxes are not the solution, Australia’s election result shows that voters don’t want that…

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