Saj Launches ‘Think Small’ at Centre for Policy Studies

Sajid Javid was the keynote speaker at the release of a report by the influential Centre for Policy Studies’ Nick King (a former Saj SpAd who’s now got a big role in his leadership campaign), entitled ‘Think Small’. It proposes a relatively minor reform to the way small and medium sized enterprises are taxed – proposing they should have the choice to replace corporation tax, business rates, VAT, and Employer’s National Insurance with one consolidated turnover tax, levied at a revenue neutral 12.5%. Much like the report’s proposals, The Sajid stopped short of revolutionary zeal…

Saj assiduously stuck to the Think Small motto, being sure to not stray outside of the box. Despite Boris declaring this lunchtime that he will stand, when asked after his speech if he was standing for leadership, Saj would only say that the Prime Minister is “very hard working” but “we’ll see what happens next.” Not so bold…

The message the Home Secretary attempted to get across was that the Tories have to “reclaim our position as the party of business” in an apparent jab at Boris. But seemingly Saj’s solution is only by means of administrative simplification. Saj will have to make a bigger pitch if he wants to cement his place as a Thatcherite candidate..

In an apparent attempt to boost his Thatcherite credentials, The Sajid’s speech made room for the admission that he “knows more about women’s clothing than any other male MP” (he used to work in his dad’s female clothing shop.) Remarks were also full of cheeky comparisons to the longest serving postwar PM and CPS co-founder, who like Saj lived above her father’s shop. The Sajid might have to be a little bolder on policy if he wants to fill those big boots…

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