Corbyn Attacks CEOs as McDonnell Chats to CEOs

Jeremy Corbyn spent PMQs railing against highly paid FTSE 100 chief executives, challenging May: “is this a Government of the many or in the pockets of an elite few?” Unfortunately John McDonnell didn’t seem to get the memo in time, he’s spent the last two days hobnobbing at exclusive events… with FTSE 100 chief executives. Awkward…

Yesterday McDonnell was a keynote speaker at the Wall Street Journal’s annual ‘CEO Council’ summit while just this morning he was the keynote speaker again at the FT’sBrexit and Beyond’ Summit with yet more business bigshots. Barely an hour before Corbyn tore into them at PMQs…

Tickets for the FT event were a whopping £995, membership fees for the WSJ’s ‘CEO Council’ are only available on request, Guido understands they run into tens of thousands. If Corbyn’s looking for someone “in the pockets of an elite few” he only needs to look down his own frontbench…

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Quote of the Day

Liz Truss on the next Tory leader…

“In order to command public trust we need someone who has backed Brexit from the start, because of the situation we’re in now.”


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