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At today’s European Election launch, Jeremy Corbyn criticised people who perpetuate conspiracy theories, and vowed that Labour would lead on tackling antisemitism. He even claimed that “Nigel Farage’s Brexit is a Brexit for conspiracy theorists”…

Labour’s new European Election manifesto even says that they will “lead the fight to tackle all forms of racism, antisemitism and Islamophobia”. But Jeremy Corbyn has repeatedly helped spread antisemitic conspiracy theories. He personally…

  • Wrote the foreword to a book which argued that banks and the press were controlled by Jews
  • Invited antisemitic conspiracy theorist Sheikh Raed Salah who claimed Israel was behind 9/11 to Parliament
  • Called a blood libel preacher, an ‘honoured citizen’
  • Defended a clearly anti-Semitic mural, later claiming he didn’t see it
  • Confirmed he believes that Israeli lobby has an ‘effect on the political actions the British Government is taking’
  • Compared Israel to ISIS
  • Promoted a conspiracy theory that Israel could create a “false flag event” to start a war with Iran
  • Claimed Israel has unbelievably high levels of influence’ over the media
  • Blamed the ‘Israel Lobby’ for the deportation of a blood libel cleric
  • Suspected that Israel was behind a terrorist attack in Egypt ”I suspect the hand of Israel in this”

The Labour leader’s conspiracy theories don’t stop at just Jews, he also…

  • Suggested giving the nerve agent used in Salisbury to the Russian State to ‘run their own tests’
  • Tweeted “homeo-meds works for some ppl”
  • Proclaimed that the Russian mafia could have conducted the Salisbury poisoning

Calling other people ‘conspiracy theorists’ is a bold move from the guy who suggested Israel controls the BBC…

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