Change UK Unveiling ‘Charter for Remain’: To Keep Everything the Same

‘Change UK’ (the anti-independence party formerly known as ‘The Independent Group’) are continuing their crusade to keep everything entirely the same with the launch of an exciting new ‘Charter for Remain’ tomorrow, in which they call for a wide range of things to be kept exactly as they are. Radical!

To help the public keep up with the dramatic pace of change, Change UK are helpfully dividing their Charter up into five different categories of things they want to keep exactly the same:

  1. Remain in Europe
  2. Remain Prosperous
  3. Remain Healthy
  4. Remain United on Tackling Climate Change
  5. Remain Stronger in the World

One thing they’ll be desperately hoping doesn’t stay the same is their EU poll ratings – the latest Opinium poll, conducted for People’s Vote of all people, finds them on an abject 2%, level with Plaid Cymru and almost 10% behind the Lib Dems. Looks like the public just aren’t ready for all that ‘Change’ they’re promising…

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