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Environmental activist and BBC presenter Chris Packham has been busy of late, whether it’s causing chaos for farmers, joining disruptive Extinction Rebellion protests, writing articles warning about the “catastrophic impact” of climate change, ranting about “extreme capitalism” or generally lecturing everyone else on how to live their lives. The petition to have him sacked from the BBC has already racked up a whopping 135,000 signatures in just two weeks…

Funnily enough, Chris’s concerns with climate change and capitalism mysteriously vanish when it comes to his own “Travel with Chris Packham” business. It turns out Chris is quite happy to take punters thousands of miles round the world on luxury wildlife tours, pumping out hundreds of tonnes of carbon dioxide to fly there. Provided they’re paying several thousand pounds each:

  • This August you’ve got a “a rare opportunity to spend time in the company of Chris whilst surrounded by the spectacular wilderness of Alaska” on a Wildlife Photography Cruise – for a cool £7,195 per person excluding flights.
    • Over 11,000 miles return from London via Seattle. With 22 passengers on board that’ll be 75 tonnes of CO2 pumped into the fresh Arctic air…

  • In December 2018 you could have spent two weeks exploring Antarctica with Chris on the luxury RCGS Resolute, complete with gym, spa and steam room, all for the modest sum of £8,799 per person excluding flights.
    • It’s a 16,740-mile round trip to Ushuaia via Buenos Aires. If the full 110 people went that’s a staggering 588 tonnes of CO2 Chris has helped pump out…
  • This February you could have enjoyedThe Ultimate Birdwatching Trip to The Gambia with Chris Packham’ – with three separate tours of up to 17 people each and prices varying from a few hundred pounds to over £1,000.
    • Banjul’s a mere 5,560-miles return. Only 88 tonnes of CO2 on Chris’s conscience, although he’s been running this tour for over a decade

  • There’s still time to book onto a “Stunning Photographic Safari in Kenya with Chris” this September, a lucky group of 12 will stay in luxury tents for 8 days for just £7,699 per person.
    • Just the 8,500 miles return to Nairobi. Chris’s safari group will only be adding 58 tonnes of CO2 this time…

All in all that’s over 800 tonnes of extra carbon dioxide Chris Packham is helping to pump into the atmosphere in just 9 months, while trousering big bucks for himself. Good to see he’s taking the climate “catastrophe” as seriously as he’s busy ordering everyone else to…

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