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Guido readers will know Jeremy Corbyn’s brother out and out denies that anthropogenic climate change exists. Judging by the Labour Leader’s record it’s a strain of thinking that may well run in the family. Until his abrupt change last week, Corbyn’s record on Climate Change looked more like it took cues from Trump than Extinction Rebellion…

  • Jeremy Corbyn has had 400 chances to ask about climate change at Prime Minister’s Questions since the 2017 General Election, but not taken a single one.
  • The Labour Party has not held a single Opposition Day debate on the environment or climate change since the last election, until yesterday.
  • In 2015, Corbyn called for coal to be continued to be used, despite its hugely damaging impact on the environment. Meanwhile the UK Government was working to establish the Powering Past Coal Alliance
  • Corbyn was criticised by his own backbenchers for advocating re-opening coal mines in South Wales.
  • Corbyn has long opposed nuclear power.
  • His Shadow Chancellor would end nuclear power within ‘the first 100 days of a Labour government.’ – This would mean the UK had no option but to rely on its emergency capacity, which is far dirtier…
  • Labour MPs called on the government to keep coal beyond 2025.
  • Not to mention every step of the way voting against the market mechanisms that are actually driving down the cost of renewable energy.

Surely Corbyn’s sudden conversion to apocalyptic extinction-level climate concern isn’t just because lots of young people are suddenly keen on it?

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