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Last night Maastricht played host to this year’s first Spitzenkandidaten presidential debate between the leaders of the pan-European parties vying to win the most European Parliamentary seats next month and become President of the European Commission, succeeding Jean-Claude Juncker. Naturally the person almost certain to be installed as the next president of the Commission, Manfred Weber, declined the invitation to the debate and another candidate, Oriol Junqueras missed out because he’s in prison in Spain…

Despite the UK leaving the rapidly federalising bloc, the entire debate was conducted in English. The language of Brexit…

Strangely, none of the pro-EU parties in the UK were getting involved in this seismic political event that will determine who holds supreme executive power over the United Kingdom for as long as we are members of the European Union. No tweets from the Tiggers, the Green Party, or the Liberal Democrats. Lord Adonis was seemingly too busy tweeting political cartoons to get involved. Why are the Remainers so keen to hide away the reality of the European Project..?

Those household names vying to become your next president are:

  • Manfred Weber – EPP (Christian Democrats)
  • Frans Timmermans – S&D (Socialists)
  • Jan Zahradil – ECR (Conservatives)
  • Guy Verhofstadt – ALDE (Liberal Democrats)
  • Violeta Tomic – GUE-NGL (Hard Left)
  • Bas Eickhout – Greens (Greens)
  • Oriol Junqueras – European Free Alliance (Pro-EU Separatists)

It’s almost as if the Remain parties think that highlighting the centralising realities and foreign voices of the EU might not be all that popular…

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