Councillors Joked About Diane Abbott Singing Sailor Songs, Bringing Area into Disrepute

Green and Labour Councillors in Bristol joked about Diane Abbott’s drinking as they considered a new proposal for a new rum distillery last week. The mojito memes were seemingly too good to not mention…

At a local planning meeting, Labour’s Jo Sergeant said “At six o’clock in the morning, are the doors going to swing open and anybody can walk in off the street, go to the bar and order a mojito, for example? I mean, what if Diane Abbott’s in Bristol that day and needs her mojito?”

Green councillor Fi Hance joked back that “As I understand it, people’s concerns are that Diane Abbott will be rolling down Park Street at 6.30 a.m. singing sailor songs and generally bringing the place into disrepute.”

And Labour councillor Ollie Mead rounded off the discussion “I also think it would be great if we organised a cross-party councillor trip there, to prove, in fact, that unlike our national Parliament, we are capable of working across party lines in organising a social function in a distillery.”

For the record Guido heartily approves of drinking mojitos on the tube…

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