Sky’s Posh Eco-Loon Vandalised Tory HQ, Shared Anti-Semitism Conspiracy Theory

The eco-loon who stormed out of a Sky interview earlier this morning, Robin Boardman-Pattison, (the posh sounding double barrelled name was mysteriously dropped for the broadcast) was a leading member of an anti-Heathrow expansion group that vandalised CCHQ last summer. The group broke windows and spray painted the building before being arrested…

Boardman-Pattison, who was until recently a languages student at Bristol University, spends his time vandalising multiple buildings and occasionally making pretentious foreign language poetry videos on YouTube. As any posh professional activist with too much time on his hands would…

Over the summer Boardman-Pattison shared a conspiracy theory on Facebook calling allegations of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party a “smear campaign against Jeremy Corbyn by the Netanyahuite [sic] supporters.” It’s all so predictable…

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Quote of the Day

Marc Almond on Emma Thompson…

“Emma Thompson has arrived in her gas guzzling carbon footprint stomping jet to serve Vegan food from the boat parked on Oxford Circus while the Yoga classes are taking place on Waterloo Bridge! Haha really? Couldn’t make this stuff up.”


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