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New ‘Eurobarometerpolling conducted by Kantar has revealed that contrary to Corbynista rhetoric, young people are the most pro-market of any generation, favouring competition over state control by massive margins at every question asked. Every generation rejects state control over competition, but the youngest do most of all…

Interestingly too, the UK is one of the most pro-capitalist countries in the EU. The polling reveals that UK citizens overwhelmingly agree that “competition allows for better prices for consumers”, “competition between companies allows for more choice for consumers”, and “competition encourages innovation and economic growth” storming ahead of the other large EU countries Germany, France, and Italy in each of those categories.

EU countries don’t want the UK to leave because it is a liberalising influence- dragging the EU forward while the EU holds it back. Leaving will enable the UK to deliver more pro-market policies, and consequentially more growth and prosperity…

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