Europhile Establishment’s Boris Fears Expressed in a Nutshell

Sky News political correspondent Rob Powell just said out aloud the worst fears of the Europhile establishment, Macron, Merkel, May and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party. The cub reporter put it succinctly, “What happens if Boris Johnson becomes Prime Minister, calls a general election, wins a big majority – well they can just rewrite UK law.” Boris is the spectre haunting Europe….

As the pressure grows on Theresa May to resign expect the remainstream media and remain majority in parliament to ramp up the attacks on Boris. He won the referendum and they fear he could win a real Brexit…

UPDATE: To be to fair to Rob Powell he says “he was making the point that the imminent change of PM and the direction the Tory party is going in is a reason why Labour are nervous about signing up to any “compromises” from Theresa May.” Quite.

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Quote of the Day

Lucy Allan explains her positive comments about the Brexit Party…

“If EU elections are held, Leave supporting voters will want to vote for Leave supporting candidates… Usual party loyalties will be eclipsed by the Leave v Remain divide. It’s good to see strong candidates in the Leave camp. However, I sincerely hope we leave the EU before these elections are held so that we can move on and not waste time and money on unnecessary EU elections.”


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