Raab: More Legal Changes to Backstop or Prepare for No Deal

With the dust still settling from yesterday’s big developments, Dominic Raab is emerging as the most hardline of the Tory leadership contenders. Unlike Boris, Raab is still holding out, calling for a further “exchange of letters providing a legally binding exit from the backstop”. Can he outflank Boris on the Brexit wing of the Party?

If not he wants to use the next two weeks for “sensible conversations” with the EU about the “suite” of no deal preparations that have been put in place. The only problem with his plan is that May won’t be going anywhere if her deal doesn’t go through, and neither will the UK…

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Labour activist in North West complains

“Everyone from HQ to activists seem to care far more about canvassing for Corbynites than the candidates who could actually win or who are at risk of losing.”


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