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Following the death of Viscount Slim, the House of Lords is holding a By-Election to select a new hereditary Crossbench peer to replace Slim. As only hereditary Crossbenchers are allowed to vote, the electorate consists of an impressive 31 people. That’s two electors per candidate…

Among the fourteen candidates are 25 year old Lord Glenconner who claims to “represent a younger professional generation”, Lord Dormer who among his experience says he “was politically active in the 1980s in Newcastle and in Oxfordshire in the 1990s” and Lord Aldington, whose short manifesto states that his “Concerns are young people, the regions, financing the NHS, digital regulation and improving my own landscape garden.”

The result will be announced in the House of Lords chamber tomorrow. Guido can’t wait…

Read what each of the candidates have to say here

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