Nigel Takes Over As Leader of Brexit Party

If Article 50 is extended yet again, not all Brexit parties will be cancelled. Nigel Farage told the Today Programme this morning that he will shortly be taking over as leader of The Brexit Party, with a view to leading it into the European elections if Article 50 is delayed any further. He said his new party will “put out a candidates list of people from right across the political spectrum, left centre and right.” 

In 2014 Nigel led UKIP to win the European Elections and now it looks like he wants to repeat the trick, saying “our trust has been betrayed by politicians and this will be the chance to say what we think.” Good luck to him, but Guido thinks a bigger worry than a longer Article 50 extension is leaving with an even worse deal than Theresa May’s…

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Quote of the Day

The Daily Mirror has heard that at the shadow cabinet meeting, Nick Brown lost his train of thought so John McDonnell handed over a piece of paper to help out.

Brown: “You’re really helpful“.

McDonnell: “Yes I am. But it would be great if somebody could tell Skwawkbox that“.



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