No, A French Minister Doesn’t Have a Cat Called ‘Brexit’

Journalists thought they’d got their paws on the purrr-fect tail after reports that France’s Europe Minister Nathalie Loiseau had named her cat Brexit because of its indecision. Meow!

Loiseau was quoted as saying:

“It wakes me up meowing like crazy every morning because it wants to go out, but as soon as I open the door, it just sits there undecided and then looks angry when I put it outside.”

She was even asked about it by a British journalist in Brussels yesterday. Un-fur-tunately her office have confirmed that the story isn’t fur real and she was just kitten around – she doesn’t actually own a cat at all. Purr-lease, she was just feel-ine funny…

Euro News

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Quote of the Day

John Bercow finally makes his view on Brexit known.

“Brexit is the biggest mistake of this country after the war. I respect PM Johnson but Brexit doesn’t help us. It’s better to be part of the [EU] power bloc.”

What a surprise…


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