Paul Mason Dismisses Left Wing Bullying on Politics Live

When businesswoman Michelle Dewbury spoke about the abuse she recieved from Momentum activists during the 2017 election, journalist turned hard left activist Paul Mason responded with immediate dismissiveness. The ensuing argument continued while a VT played, when things got even more heated…

“You have been deeply rude to me in the break, you find that funny… when I just called you out on that you just sat and laughed.”

Sadly the BBC has told Guido that it will not be releasing the unseen footage…

UPDATE: In a series of tweets Michelle has explained what happened off-air: “I offered Paul Mason evidence. He replied “I’m not interested” and laughed…” Now she’s calling on the BBC to release the footage…

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“Everyone from HQ to activists seem to care far more about canvassing for Corbynites than the candidates who could actually win or who are at risk of losing.”


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