Brexit: Where the ‘Tory Press’ Stands Now

This morning The Spectator became the latest Brexit-backing publication to endorse May’s deal on the condition of a limited Cox concession. The full list of Brexit backing publications who are now supporting May’s deal:

  • The Express warned on the day of the first meaningful vote back in January that “pulling the plug on May’s deal might mean no Brexit at all.”
  • The Sun caved in February telling Brexiteers to “wake up” and urging that “Tory Brexiteers must now compromise.”
  • The Mail buckled in December, immediately post-Dacre, proclaiming “the only hope of salvation is Mrs May’s deal.”
  • The Spectator today, despite acknowledging how “painfully clear” it is MPs will be asked to vote for “almost entirely the same” deal that was defeated in January.

Only The Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph are still holding out…

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Quote of the Day

Conrad Black on Max Hastings and Boris…

“As the former employer of both of them, and although their positions were of unequal importance and challenges, on balance I must declare Boris to be more reliable and trustworthy than Max.”


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