Gyimah Loyalists Fire Back at No Confidence Plotters

The battle between plotters and loyalists in Sam Gyimah’s East Surrey Conservative Association is heating up – loyalists are hitting back against the claims that Gyimah doesn’t spend time in the constituency. Now sources close to the Association Chair have accused the plotters of leaking “falsehoods” to the media and not having the “courage” to challenge Sam to his face, telling Guido:

“This group have leaked falsehoods to the media, anonymously. They have submitted their motion, in secret, without the knowledge of their association. They did not have the courage to do so to Sam’s face on the multiple occasions he has appeared before us to explain his actions. They are not representative of the association.”


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Liz Truss on the next Tory leader…

“In order to command public trust we need someone who has backed Brexit from the start, because of the situation we’re in now.”


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