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The New Statesman has published an unintentionally hilarious article by the aptly-named Dr Rebecca Grossman, a GP who is trying to hard sell the notion that no deal could lead to “more unplanned pregnancies” or even “individuals resorting to alternative methods of contraception, such as sterilisation.” Has she forgotten that Brexit was about bringing an end to protectionism?

Unfortunately it looks like Dr Grossman hasn’t actually bothered to read the Department of Health’s reports on no deal planning herself, which leave her lurid claims looking rather limp. The Government has already taken measures to open new shipping channels and procure freight capacity to ensure that all medical supplies can still get smoothly in and out of the UK even if there is increased friction at the border. In any case, trusty condoms are built with stamina in mind – they can survive on the shelf for three years, far longer than the six weeks suppliers are anticipating having to last for…

To top it all off, Dr Grossman explains how the UK’s most popular condom, Durex, has its production facilities “entirely in China, India, and Thailand” – all countries which the EU has no free trade agreements with. Another Project Fear prediction which can be safely tossed into the dustbin of history…

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