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Chris Williamson became unceremoniously unpersoned by Owen Jones in a sly re-writing of history on one of his Medium blog posts defending the hard left. True Politburo style…

In an original version of a Medium article he wrote, Jones lauded the left-wing politicians, “Chris Williamson, Laura Pidcock and Clive Lewis among them” who are “subjected to relentless online pile-ons from both Tory and Labour MPs and hostile commentators.”

One of those examples has mysteriously disappeared. The sentence now reads just “ Laura Pidcock and Clive Lewis among them”, losing the rhetorical tricolon in the interests of writing problematic comrades out of history. The internet never forgets, Owen…

UPDATE: A co-conspirator has helpfully pointed out that the re-writing of history did not occur yesterday afternoon as Guido originally suggested, but in late April last year. Happy to correct!

UPDATE II: Owen Jones has clarified the matter…

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