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Guido can reveal that the hardcore anti-Brexit campaign founded by Gina Miller, Best for Britain, have been sending around a begging letter in the name of arch-elitist Lord Malloch-Brown to various FTSE CEOs in the hope of raising a staggering £500,000 in the next two weeks. You read that right – half a million pounds in two weeks.

Best for Britain describe how “generous support, both corporate and individual” has got them this far, enabling them to use “fact-based advocacy” to show how “views have been shifting across the country”, while “promot[ing] truthful common sense analysis of the issues” and funding “a range of smaller organisations across the country ensuring a wide range of voices have been heard in this debate”. Who could they possibly mean?

Now they want bags more of corporate cash to have the “greatest possible impact” over the “critical coming weeks”, using both “digital and traditional campaigning” targeted at “local constituency level”. Sounds an awful lot like that micro-targeting stuff that only evil Brexiteers use…

They even encourage donations from foreign corporations, reminding the CEOs that “while we are not in an election period we can accept donations from individuals and companies based both in the UK and abroad”. If this was a pro-Brexit group or a free market think tank, Peter Jukes and the Open Democracy crowd would already be having the mother of all tinfoil hat parties by now…

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