Corbyn’s Soft-Brexit Mattress

In a surprise move, the BBC have published some comedy that is actually critical of the Absolute Boy. Last week, BBC Radio 4 Extra‘s Newsjack programme carried a segment on the wonders of the ‘Corbyn Soft-Brexit Mattress’. Worth a listen…

“The Corbyn Soft Brexit Mattress is so lightweight it can be moved from its current position incredibly easily, over and over again, move it anywhere.”

“Order the Soft Brexit Mattress today and you will never have to worry about the detail or the consequence of anything ever again!”

They are of course mocking Corbyn from Remainia…

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Quote of the Day

Soros on the pan-European elections to the EU parliament…

“It is difficult to see how the pro-European parties can emerge victorious from the election in May unless they put Europe’s interests ahead of their own. One can still make a case for preserving the EU in order radically to reinvent it. But that would require a change of heart in the EU. The current leadership is reminiscent of the politburo when the Soviet Union collapsed – continuing to issue ukazes as if they were still relevant.”


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