Civil Servants Receive ‘Resilience Toolkit’ to Help Them Cope With Brexit Grief

Civil servants have naturally been grumbling about having to do slightly more work than usual as they prepare for Brexit. Luckily for those working in the Department of Health, they’ve just been issued with a “Toolkit for staff during EU Exit” on “Change management and resilience” to help them “understand the impact which change and uncertainty is having on the way you feel”. Seriously…

The toolkit begins by setting out the Department’s “values and behaviours” as a “Great [sic] Department of State”. Staff are then reassured that it’s “natural” for them to be going through the classic five stages of grief over Brexit. They are literally plotted on a graph – rebranded here as a “change curve”…

Staff are then instructed how to “take back control” and shut those bad Brexit thoughts out. The key is to “challenge your inner critic” and “kill your Automated Negative Thoughts (ANTS)”. Kill those nasty ANTS!

There are also some nice colourful graphs to help civil servants get in the “feel good zone”. Just the right amount of “healthy tension”…

Struggling with Brexit Derangement Syndrome yourself? Guido has done the public service of reproducing the ‘toolkit’ in full to help you get through your Brexit troubles too…

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