Picture Special: ‘Stop Brexit’ Man’s £6M Westminster Pad

Protesting doesn’t always have to be about the hardship of standing around in the rain holding a soggy placard all day. For Westminster’s most obnoxious protester – ever-shouty ‘Stop Brexit Man’ Steve Bray – it turns out protesting can actually become a highly luxurious ‘career’. As the Mail on Sunday revealed yesterday, Bray has raised tens of thousands of pounds in donations in order to rent a luxury £6 million townhouse on the same street as Jacob Rees-Mogg, as well as Lords Flight, Luptan and Strathclyde, at the cost of £4,500 per week. Which is almost as bad a use of Remainers’ money as giving it to Jolyon or these clowns

Apparently having a “temporary campaign HQ” in the heart of Westminster has given Bray the “extra energy” he needs to campaign against Brexit. Guido takes you inside to find out how…

Take off your EU flag apparel and put down your placards in this elegant entrance hall after a hard day’s work shouting at random members of the public. If you’re lucky EU Supergirl might even serenade you with her latest song on the harp…

Don’t worry about bitter campaign infighting ruining your evening, with this double-size reception room you can keep warring Remoaner factions a safe distance away from each other. Will there be enough space for their egos?

Having trouble coming up with a new slogan that isn’t just “Stop Brexit”? Invite your pro-EU chums round for a plotting meeting in this elegant dining room and you’ll come up with a new one in no time. That Buddha sculpture might have to go though, not very European…

Carrying placards all day is demanding work – make sure you’re well-rested and refreshed every day by getting a good night’s sleep in any one of the five deluxe double bedrooms. Go en-suite, shared bathrooms are for Leavers…

Feeling a bit grubby after over 500 days of protesting on the trot? This double-width bathtub will sort you right out. Not that anyone is necessarily going to want to share it with you…

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David Gauke rejects Corbyn as a ‘national unity PM’

If anyone thinks the answer is Jeremy Corbyn, I think they’re probably asking the wrong question.


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