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With the World Economic Forum underway in Davos, leaders are gathering right now to set the agenda for global change. Disability inclusion is high on their list of priorities, but there is one issue that they must not ignore.

A third of the people in the world – 2.5 billion – suffer from poor vision without treatment, holding them back from opportunities to get a good education, find decent work and build a better future. It is the world’s largest unaddressed disability, and 90% of those affected live in low-income countries.

Last year, the Clearly campaign released a groundbreaking study, published in The Lancet Global Health, which showed the incredible impact that a pair of glasses can have on manual workers. When tea pickers in India were given the glasses they needed, productivity was increased by 22% – and as much as 32% for those aged over 50.

Clearly is demanding action from some of the world’s biggest companies, including many that we use on a daily basis – like Amazon, Starbucks and Shell. We are asking them to provide free sight tests and affordable glasses for their workers. If they fail to do so, they will be missing out on a huge productivity boost – not to mention the opportunity to change the lives of their employees.

In April, the leaders of all 53 Commonwealth countries pledged to take action to achieve ‘quality eye care for all’ at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London. Governments have made the first move, but now it is time for businesses to act. They will be among the first to benefit when they do.

Watch the film and share it with friends, family or colleagues who work for a big company so we can get our message into the board room of some of the biggest businesses in the world. Then use your voice by signing our petition with Global Citizen.

This is a sponsored post by Global Citizen.

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