Project Fling: No Deal Could Cause 35% Spike in Adultery

Project Fear has taken a salacious turn today with claims that no deal could cause a spike in extramarital affairs. A saucy study by the Illicit Encounters website claims that “hard economic times typically see an an increase in infidelity” as people “seek solace in the arms of an extramarital partner” but are unwilling to take the hit of paying a divorce bill, instead “opting to negotiate trade deals outside of their union”. They even claim that Leavers are more likely to be looking for a bit on the side…

Will the spectre of scandal make restless MPs more or less enthusiastic for the potential ‘opportunities’ that come with a no-deal Brexit? It could explain why one particular MP is so keen to stop it…

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Quote of the Day

Ed Davey on who he would like to see lead a government of national unity

“Yvette Cooper for obvious reasons, she’s been very high-profile in cross-party work, and I’ve also mentioned Hilary Benn as chair of the Brexit Select Committee. But it would not be for me here to make that suggestion, it would be for others working cross-party. I think it probably has to be a Labour MP because most of the MPs supporting a Queen’s Speech would be Labour. Ultimately it’s a challenge to my Labour colleagues, many of who realise a no-deal Brexit would be deeply damaging to their constituents.”


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