Germany’s Top MEP Swindled His Own Constituents While Cashing in From EU

The European Parliament’s longest-serving member Elmar Brok has been caught with his snout stuck deep in the EU trough. Germany’s most influential MEP was uncovered systematically swindling his own constituents, charging them €150 per head for the costs of visiting him at the European Parliament while at the same time claiming costs back from the EU. Yesterday he announced he will not be standing for election again…

Brok, who was was until last year President of the Union of European Federalists, earns €8,757.70 a month as an MEP, and has raked in thousands more from work on the side. Clearly that wasn’t enough for the greedy greedy Eurofederalist, who netted nearly €18,000 from his scam in just two years. Where will MEPs keep grabbing their grubby money from if we don’t hand over our £39bn..?

UPDATE: A co-conspirator has pointed out that back in 2011, Brok was chased by the Public Prosecutor of Bielefeld for tax evasion, but escaped due to MEPs immunity from legal proceedings. Rotten to the core…

Euro News

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