Government Advises UK Businesses to Sue EU

The Department for Digital, Culture, Media, & Sport has issued ‘no deal’ guidance to individuals and businesses who own ‘.eu’ domain names, warning that they may need to “seek legal advice” in the event that the EU takes the unprecedented step of trying to revoke all .eu domain names registered in the UK. Guido can think of at least one particularly litigious owner of a .eu website…

“You may wish to seek advice from your local domain name registrar on whether the terms of your contractual agreement provide for any recourse in the event of revocation of a .eu registration. You may also want to seek legal advice.”

You could say the Government is following Donald Trump’s advice after all…

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Quote of the Day

Tobias Ellwood tells LBC…

“So Jeremy Corbyn will meet with Hamas, Hezbollah and the IRA with no preconditions, but won’t meet the British Prime Minister without her agreeing to his precondition.”


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