Raab Says May Still Needs To Go

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has become the most senior MP to reveal that “in sorrow, not in anger” he did not support Theresa May in last night’s confidence vote, telling Sky News that he still believes she needs to go: “my biggest fear now is that if she continues in place we have a greater risk of a Jeremy Corbyn government.” Raab sums up the mood of the country with his answer to “what happens next?”

He has been even more explicit to the BBC, telling them:

“We will have to back her as best we can but problem is that both in relation to Brexit and wider sustainability of the Government given likelihood of any changes to the deal, given the likely scale of opposition, it looks very difficult to see how this PM can lead us forward.”

He is not alone in thinking this. Will his other senior colleagues come out and admit it too?

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