Geeks Invent ‘Brexonometer’ to Measure Brits’ Brexit Frustration mdi-fullscreen

A bunch of tech geeks have created a fancy-looking ‘Brexonometer’ which claims to give “moment by moment insight into how the nation is feeling about Brexit by applying advanced analytics to compute the real-time sentiment of Tweets.” The creators explain:

“All English language Tweets mentioning the word Brexit are aggregated into mini-batches of messages. We then use natural language processing technologies to compute the overall sentiment of each batch.”

Funnily enough there was a surge of activity around 9pm last night. Incredibly, the current sentiment isn’t just “aaaaaaaaargh”, it is in fact slightly positive today, at least according to the ‘Brexonometer’. Guido suspects it may be a case of ‘garbage in, garbage out’…

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