‘Solar Geo-Engineering’ Could Reverse Global Warming

Global warming theorists have been claiming for decades that earth is at the no-return tipping point for global warming. Sceptics have for decades argued that it is possible to undo warming with climate technologies that would cost billions rather than the trillions of damage to the global economy advocated by eco-fundamentalists. A technological solution that didn’t force humanity back to the stone age.

Reducing Earth’s heat capture by injecting aerosols into the atmosphere from high-altitude aircraft has long been suggested as a way of reflecting sun rays back out to space. Now a credible study suggests it is possible and relatively inexpensive.

Research published in Environmental Research Letters, suggests stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) is a workable solution. Dr. Gernot Wagner, from Harvard University’s John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, co-author of the study, says: “Solar geoengineering is often described as ‘fast, cheap, and imperfect’… would be technically possible strictly from an engineering perspective. It would also be remarkably inexpensive, at an average of around $2 to 2.5 billion per year over the first 15 years.” He argues that “the ‘incredible economics’ of solar geoengineering” means a few countries could easily “fund such a program, and the required technology is not particularly exotic.” The technology would use modified conventional aircraft to spray the upper atmosphere and save the planet. How cooling is that!

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