Centrist ‘United for Change’ Finally Register as Party

The mysterious beleaguered new centrist political party bankrolled by the LoveFilm tycoon and former investment banker Simon Franks and has this week finally registered with the Electoral Commission as a political party. Guido thought he would remind readers of the greatest hits of ‘United for Change’ over the last few months…

  • Ironically, United for Change split in August, with co-founder Adam Knight leaving to found another uniting centrist party…
  • The fledgling group then tried to hire an ad agency to help them understand life outside of London…
  • And all the while suffering massive staff walkouts. Guido hears that there has been a complete staff turnover since August…

The party originally hit news headlines with the suggestion it had £50 million behind it, however Guido understands that it is now struggling for cash. The £50 million figure amounted to the total net worth of those who had expressed an interest in backing it at the time, so doesn’t come close to the actual amount the party has available…

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