Corbyn Close to Backing Second Referendum

ITV‘s Robert Peston has published an interesting tidbit on his Facebook page, namely that Corbyn is apparently warming to the idea of a second referendum in the event of May’s deal failing to pass the meaningful vote.

“According to senior Labour sources, Corbyn is close to agreeing that shortly (days) after the loss of the meaningful vote by May, he would formally make his party the champion of another referendum or People’s Vote – on the basis that if there is no consensus in parliament on what comes next, the question has to go back to the people.”

Guido is sceptical – Corbyn has taken meticulous care to not come down on either side of the fence and lose the support of either diehard Labour Remainers and traditional working class Labour Leavers. That being said, recently within Labour Remainers like Starmer have been calling the shots…

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Quote of the Day

Andrea Leadsom told BBC Radio 4’s Today

“He’s made his views on Brexit on the record, and the problem with that of course is that the chair’s impartiality is absolutely essential. … He’s made his views known on Brexit… it’s a matter for him but nevertheless it’s a challenge and all colleagues need to form their own view of that.”


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