Boris Challenges May to Debate a Brexiteer mdi-fullscreen

Boris has laid down the gauntlet to Theresa May to debate a leading Brexiteer, instead of just Jeremy Corbyn (who professes to have voted Remain). Now who could he have in mind…

“Debates are great for democracy – but rather than widening discourse, this debate is narrowing it by offering a false choice between May’s failing deal and Corbyn’s vague proposals – neither of which are Brexit.”

“There is no point having a debate with two people who voted Remain & deals that don’t take back control. Any debate must involve someone who believes in Brexit & the British people being fully in control of their laws, rather than giving back control to the EU like the PM’s deal.”

Number 10 is sticking to its line from this morning that the debate has to be “between the leaders of the two biggest parties at Westminster.” Scared of debating anyone other than Corbyn..?

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