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It wasn’t so long ago that reports of axings of Telegraph hacks were almost daily as it transitioned from being the paper of Bill Deedes into a sort of moderately right-of-centre Buzzfeed/Huffington Post – complete with listicles and tawdry clickbait. It appeared to be in a death spiral…

Of late it seems to have found its feet again, stability has returned and the paper’s columnists are a strong line up. So much so that Guido has even bought an online subscription at £1-a-week to enjoy reading Juliet Samuel, Quentin Letts, Boris and Allister Heath – particularly enjoy him castigating Corbyn’s “proto-communism”. The Guardian’s columnists verge on parody and can only be read for laughs, with even their sensible columnists driven mad by Brexit. The Times has a strong line-up of commentators too, though Iain Martin seems to be the only regular Brexiter. Fink’s columns are always food for thought and Hugo Rifkind is both irritating and funny, Matthew Parris is still a good read despite his remainia. No idea what is going on at the Indy…

Guido hears that in the past few weeks Telegraph executives have noticed a sharp rise in the numbers of people taking new subscriptions to the paper. The not unsurprising theory is that many of these are former Daily Mail readers unhappy with the anti-Brexity direction the Mail has taken under new editor Geordie Greig. Torygraph marketing types are planning a sales push in areas of the country that voted Leave. Internally, the initiative has been labelled ‘Project Newcastle’ – because it is all thanks to Geordie…

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Quote of the Day

Scruton reflects on Twitter’s vigilantes…

“We in Britain are entering a dangerous social condition in which the direct expression of opinions that conflict – or merely seem to conflict – with a narrow set of orthodoxies is instantly punished by a band of self-appointed vigilantes. We are being cowed into abject conformity around a dubious set of official doctrines and told to adopt a world view that we cannot examine for fear of being publicly humiliated by the censors. This world view might lead to a new and liberated social order; or it might lead to the social and spiritual destruction of our country. How shall we know, if we are too afraid to discuss it?”


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