How Sadiq Threw Away Half A Billion Pounds

Sadiq Khan has been making hay of his getting rid of Boris’ £300,000 water cannon (which became redundant after being banned by Theresa May), but that loss looks like small change compared to Sadiq’s own vanity project where “at least £469 million will have been wasted” according to the National Audit Office.

Back when he was Fire Minister, Khan launched a new Government programme called ‘FiReControl’ which aimed to replace county level control centres with larger regional ones, all connected to a central database. The damning National Audit Office report into the failure of the project said the rational behind regionalisation was “unclear and badly communicated.”

“It was approved on the basis of unrealistic estimates of costs and under-appreciation of the complexity of the IT involved and the project was hurriedly implemented and poorly managed.”

Earlier this week Sadiq had the cheek to say “For too long, London taxpayers have had to bear the brunt of Boris Johnson’s appalling botched water cannon deal.” If Sadiq thinks a £300,000 loss is ‘appalling,’ Guido can’t wait to hear how he would describe the Mayor’s own waste of half a billion pounds…

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