#HeToo: the Former MP ‘Creeping On’ and Threatening Young Men on Twitter mdi-fullscreen

If you are young, male, and vaguely political on Twitter, there is a good chance you have been contacted by a man by the name of Matthew Gordon Banks. The 57 year-old former MP for Southport has a wide reputation for going after young men and threatening them when they turn him down.

Guido has spoken to many students and young professionals who have been contacted by Mr. Gordon Banks. Some were first contacted by him when they were just schoolboys. He often begins conversations in the same way, asking where they live and praising their tweets. “Where is your home?”. Next he insists on meeting for a drink. Often this is proposed in Oxford or London, and on occasion in Parliament.

“I am prepared to consider – and now offer you – a visit to the Lords and Commons, maybe with a friend so you feel totally comfortable, in 2016. That does NOT mean I head-hunt for them- my work is more important, but love from the Commons which appears tiny when you stand at the Despatch Box to the huge contrast of the very grand Lords. The Commons Chamber IS seemingly so small when you stand in it unlike what you see on TV. Matty”

The threats begin when Gordon Banks is turned down.

The following messages were sent to various young men on twitter after they had turned down the idea of meeting Mr. Gordon Banks.

Gordon Banks, a married father of two, has also allegedly boasted about supposed Russian security connections and allegedly threatened to make a young male student “disappear.” This student tells Guido that he believes Gordon Banks is not lying about his Kremlin links. Another young Twitter user told Guido that “If [Gordon Banks is] not using sinister threats he’s perving. If we don’t go along with the creeping he goes back to the threats.”

UPDATE: Guido has learned that Gordon Banks’ Parliamentary pass expired in June and he has not applied for a replacement. Presumably now they would not sanction a new one…

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