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Westminster’s second-favourite curry house, Kennington Tandoori, has launched a controversial new menu which is the subject of much controversy. Late night curry and beer aficionados are “concerned” to say the least…

The controversy about the Kennington Tandoori reminded Guido that ComRes earlier this year polled MPs about their favourite restaurants. The top ten in order were:

  1. Roux – Roux at Parliament Square to give it its proper name is not situated on Parliament Square, it is right nearby Great George Street. Despite this deception, the food is French but good. Full of expense account lobbyists, ministers with or without SpAds.
  2. Cinnamon Club – priciest curry house. The privatised former Westminster library is a favourite with Labour leaning hacks and MPs whatever the survey says, has a more reasonable lunch menu which is less rupees.
  3. Shepperds – relaunched by Lionel Zetter, had a difficult start involving Azerbaijani chefs throwing things about the kitchen, seems busier. Guido loved the old school menu it is now modernised and lighter. Probably healthier too.
  4. Quirinale – good quality food popular with the BBC lot in Millbank, similar crowd to Roux.
  5. Saporis – It’s hard to beat Sapori for a quick good value meal and perfect breakfast. Favoured by cabbies and Oliver Letwin.
  6. Rules – This swanky restaurant makes the claim that it is the oldest in London. Cosy too. Mistress territory.
  7. Greggs – New to Westminster tube station, already a hit among Labour MPs (and Guido). A nationalisation target for young Corbynistas. More Tories should give it a go…
  8. Kennington Tandoori – More popular than its tired old menu deserved, perhaps the new menu will after all attract even more MPs.
  9. Troia – Despite being on the wrong side of the river, Troia’s website proudly proclaims that “Troia is one of the best premier restaurant among London restaurants.” None of us at Guido have ever been, so a good place for a secret rendezvous.
  10. Firecracker – Famous for messy Karaoke nights, Firecracker is a favourite of SpAds, if not MPs. Handy for when you fall out of the Marquis of Granby…

Some of Guido’s favourite mid-market and up-market restaurants in SW1 didn’t make the ComRes list. Which is good news for when he wants to avoid MPs…

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