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Remainers have been working themselves up into a froth today on the back of polling results conducted on behalf of remainiac campaign groups Our Future Our Choice and Best For Britain which appear to show that a majority of voters in Northern Ireland would back a united Ireland “if” Brexit goes ahead. Polls typically show less than a third of voters in Northern Ireland in favour of a united Ireland, even since the EU referendum. Why has a Remainer-commissioned poll produced a radically different result?

In Deltapoll’s sample, 824 people voted to Remain while only 292 voted to Leave, a ratio of 74% to 26%. Northern Ireland only voted 56% to 44% in the referendum.

301 people who responded to the poll were supporters of the Alliance Party, allied with the Liberal Democrats, while only 162 were supporters of the pro-Union DUP. In the 2017 General Election the DUP got more than 4 times as many votes as the Alliance, who were beaten into 5th place with a measly 7.9%. At least they outperformed their Liberal Democrat allies…

Deltapoll have weighted the sample but the raw data is so skewed that it puts major question marks over the credibility of the results. It just so happens that it produced exactly the headline the Remainers who commissioned it wanted…

Perhaps they should take a look over the border where the new Irexit Freedom Party launched this weekend, calling for Ireland to follow the UK out of the EU exit door. A much more sensible idea…

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