Luvvies’ Shakespearean Brexit Derangement

Guido would have thought that luvvies could be able to enjoy a play or two without letting their mind numbing hatred of the British people’s decision for the UK to withdraw from the EU. Apparently not, as reviewers of the new Globe Theatre production of Othello have been projecting their loathing for the result of the UK’s 2016 EU referendum into this 453 year old play.

Paul Taylor in The Independent writes of how Mark Rylance’s Iago has the kind of facial hair of one of those jingoists who voted to leave the EU.

“The moustache belongs to the kind of bar-room bigot who will, of course, have voted for Brexit. It’s not Othello’s race but the fact that Andre Holland is foreign – an American who speaks with the accent of the deep South – that eats at Iago.”

Tim Bano in The Stage writes of Rylance’s performance:

“He brings a kind of Brexiteer vibe to the character, a Middle England reactionary who hates Othello because he’s foreign – here, American.”

It’s worth remembering that this liberal luvvie narrative that Breixt is turning the country into a cesspit of bigots and racists couldn’t be further from the truth. Brexit acted as a safety valve for those with legitimate concerns and consequently since the referendum attitudes in Britain have become more welcoming to migrants. Taking back control eases people’s concerns.

Reading these reviews you’d have thought that the side who have been spouting nothing but anti-American euro-jingoism for the last two years were Brexiteers, the mirror image of reality.

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Quote of the Day

Soros on the pan-European elections to the EU parliament…

“It is difficult to see how the pro-European parties can emerge victorious from the election in May unless they put Europe’s interests ahead of their own. One can still make a case for preserving the EU in order radically to reinvent it. But that would require a change of heart in the EU. The current leadership is reminiscent of the politburo when the Soviet Union collapsed – continuing to issue ukazes as if they were still relevant.”


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